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Here’s 10 fun coffee facts you probably never knew!

1. How does Cappuccino get its name?

Cappuccinos take their name from the Capuchin monks! 

The colour of the drink was similar to the robes worn by Capuchin friars which were founded in Italy.

2. Did you know Coffee was one of the first freeze-dried food products to be produced?

Freeze drying dates back in its earliest form to Incan times in the 15th century by storing their crops on top of mountains. The sub-zero temperatures would freeze their food and vaporize the water inside due to low air pressure.

3. The Cafetiere, French or Italian?

The French Press, Cafetiere, or Coffee Plunger are a few of its many names, but its origins were argued whether it was a French or Italian invention. Although patents were put through in France first, it’s still mostly undecided who created the coffee apparatus.

4. Fancy a Cowboy Coffee?

Well you might not when you hear how it’s made! Cowboys would often use a pot of boiling water over a camp stove and socks to filter their coffee whether it was beans or ground. Let’s hope it was a clean sock!

5. Do you know how long coffee takes to grow?

Coffee plants take 3-5 years to grow to maturity to produce berries, but the plants themselves can last up to 100 years.

6. How much coffee is traded in the world?

Coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity on Earth, with Oil being number 1! The world’s largest transfer point for coffee is the port of Hamburg, in Germany

7. What would you do if coffee was banned?

Coffee has been banned quite a few times throughout history, including by Ottoman Leader Murad IV. In 1623 he even introduced punishments for being caught drinking coffee, such as a beating or even being thrown into the sea!

8. How did Coffee get a team to the Olympics?

In 1932 the Brazilian team couldn’t afford to send it’s athletes to the Olympics, so they loaded their ship up with coffee and sold it along the way.

9. Fancy a Coffee Bath?

There is a spa in Japan in which you can bathe in coffee and tea.

Just don’t drink it!

10. How many beans are in your coffee cup?

Beethoven was a fussy one, he only drunk coffee with exactly 60 coffee beans per cup.

That’s a very specific cup of coffee!

Coffee has been part of many cultures throughout history and there’s no stopping it now.

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