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Country of Origin
Taste Profile
Roast Level
  • Mexico Chiapas Mountain Water Decaf

    From £7.95
    Mountain Water Process is a unique chemical free, natural process that uses clear and pure glacier water. Smooth and mild with a lovely nutty taste.
  • Nicaragua Hacienda Sajonia

    From £7.45
    Nicaragua Hacienda Sajonia single origin can be traced all the way back to a single farm in El Diablo, Nicaragua.  The coffee is a smooth light coffee with medium acidity and sweet berry fruit flavours.
  • Colombia La Union

    From £8.95
    This coffee is rich in flavour, notes of red fruits, herbs, citric and lemon, deep in tense chocolate and panela, full bodied, and wonderfully balanced, excellent acidity, with an amazing after taste.
  • Colombia Sabanitas Montebello

    From £7.95
    Medium acidity, bold bodied, sweet red fruit notes with hints of blueberry and a caramel finish. Grown from 1850m above sea level in the Montebello, Antioquia, Colombia.
  • Milano Blend

    From £5.95
    Deliciously distinctive. A well-balanced combination of Latin and African coffees, producing rich flavours with bittersweet chocolate overtones.
  • Roma Espresso Blend

    From £5.95
    Classic Italian espresso blend, smooth Latin American coffees complimented by a Robusta kick producing intense aromas and a caramel crema.
  • Out of Stock


    From £7.95
    Full rich body, low acidity, spicy, sweet and smokey. Altitude: 1400m - 1900m Process: Washed, Sun-dried
  • Torino Espresso Blend

    From £5.95
    Intensely bold and aromatic, an all-in, full-bodied, punchy blend with smoky overtones and a pleasant bite. For a great coffee buzz.
  • Cafe Dolce Blend

    From £5.95
    A sophisticated blend of 100% Rainforest Alliance Latin American coffees, tempered with a well-rounded smoothness that ends with a clean finish.
  • High Mountain Blend

    From £5.95
    The original satisfyingly straightforward blend of Latin American coffees, its balanced smooth flavours make it enjoyable at any time of the day.
  • MC Decaf

    From £5.95
    A medium roasted coffee, smooth and mild with a lovely nutty taste.
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