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Monroc Espresso Machine

  • Digital dosage control
  • Built-in rotary pump
  • Built-in soft infusion
  • Solid stainless steel steam wands
  • 11.5-litre copper boiler
  • High groups for lattes

Ideal Environment

Restaurant / Bar / PubHotel / B&B

Cups per Day


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      Product Overview

      The Monroc automatic espresso coffee machine with 2 group heads is a fantastic entry-level machine into the coffee world.

      With electronic switchboard to control the coffee dosages volumetrically and automatic water filling, heat exchanger per group and cleaning valve making this machine super simple to use and operate for all staff. One steam tap (stainless steel) and one hot water tap for those classic americanos and teas.

      Full stainless steel body to match any environment and wipeable for super-efficient cleaning.

      Technical Specifications


      Restaurant / Bar / Pub, Hotel / B&B, Retail




      Two Group

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