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La Rhea V+ Grande Premium 2

  • 7 ” Touch Screen
  • Two Variety Bean Large Hopper
  • Varitherm
  • Stainless Steel Grid
  • Elegant interface
  • Variflex

Ideal Environment

Hotel / B&BOffice
School / CollegeSports / Leisure Centre

Cups per Day


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      Product Overview

      All the advantages of the grande premium with the addition of a transparent hopper that holds two different types of beans. Whether dark or light roast, regular or decaf, Arabica or Kona, the choice is yours!

      La Rhea V+ Grande Premium 2 has 7” all-glass touch screen for an elegant, latest-generation interface, along with a visible hopper for coffee beans on top.

      Variplus, which gives the new line its name, is a suite of three integrated technologies designed to coordinate and calibrate the many variables in coffee production – brew pressure, coffee quantity, water temperature, granulometry and extraction. In a real Italian coffee bar, there’s a trained professional who regulates these factors, fine-tuning them with the expertise that comes with years of experience. The big challenge in automated coffee service has always been reproducing that expertise mechanically, and we’re proud to say that variplus comes as close as any coffee machine ever has. The variplus line is the latest evolution of Rheavendors’ philosophy of flexibility. As our clientele has always been international, we integrate versatile technologies to adapt to local market preferences.

      Technical Specifications

      Weight 38 kg
      Dimensions 58.5 × 42.2 × 61.9 cm (Depth x Width x Height)


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