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On The Bean, Mario!

Mario Vrančić comes for coffee, at our head office in Norwich, Rackheath.

We wanted to give Mario a real coffee experience at our HQ. We got him to get his hands dirty with the team. From the roastery and even onto barista work!

Our coffee journey with Mario started with an espresso.
It’s what we all know and love. It’s the beginning of many drinks.
Such as lattes, cappuccinos and more!

We ground our freshest batch of Green Farm coffee beans in our Anfim grinder. We ground our beans to 18g of espresso.
The bean of choice was our Roma blend.
A classic Italian style coffee blend that mixes together the smoothness of Latin American coffees; with the kick of Robusta that gets us out of bed each morning.
Roma is one of our full-bodied coffees. With intense aromas, and delicious dark chocolate and caramel undertones.
You can find out more about our Roma blend in other blog posts!

Ground to perfection straight into the portafilter. We then tamper the coffee, which Mario demonstrates in the video.

The purpose of this is to compact the coffee grounds evenly in the basket.
Resulting in a higher quality shot, with more extraction and flavour than if they were loose grounds.

We’re ready to get a perfect shot with this bad boy!
You put the portafilter back into the group head by popping it up at an angle and turning it to lock it in place.

Traditional espresso machines come in many shapes and sizes.
Our espresso machine in the showroom is a La Spaziale S40. And it has great options for extracting the best from your coffee.

Shots away! We’re experiencing the journey of coffee!
Although it is time we went back to where it all begins.

Green Beans!

Our beans are from many places such as Caldas-Manizales Colombia, Sul de Mins  Brasil, Sumatra, Costa Rica, Huehuetenango Guatemala, Kodagu India, Djimma Ethiopian.

As coffee is a seasonal product. We expect changes to our green beans from across the globe all year round.
Single origin coffee is a great example of how seasons can change coffee. As blends tend to be made to keep coffee consistently flavoured.
The green beans are sourced from one farm, or region, almost a limited edition you could say, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Mario stuck his hands in our variety of green beans to feel, smell, and see the difference.
Each different type of bean we use at Green Farm has different smells, colours, sizes and tastes.
Depending on what region, the growing conditions and type of coffee plant can be different.
Which leaves us with a range of coffee beans, each with their own unique style.

Our head roaster Craig is passionate about coffee.
He shows Mario his part in the coffee journey which is roasting the beans.

Craig has been expertly roasting Green Farm coffee for many years. His love and experience ensure that each batch is as delicious as the last.
Delighted to meet Mario; Craig talked him through the roasting process.
And how different roasts produce different results, whether you want a dark nutty roast or a light and fruity number.

Mario got to watch the “bean drop”. Much like the bass drop in a hit song.
The beans drop from the roaster into the cooling tray below. And get rotated by large blades in the tray to keep the beans moving.
This is to allow every layer to cool. The tray cools the beans evenly by using small holes in the bottom of the tray which draws air through.

Now Mario has experienced how we roast, cool, and pack our coffee.
We put Mario to the test and got him whipping up a latte.

He did a fantastic job of grinding, tampering, steaming the milk and producing a great shot of espresso.
With some assistance from Dan, our coffee guru. Mario did us proud and we’d pick him for our coffee team any day.

All the staff had a great afternoon getting to meet and greet him.

We hope we left Mario feeling inspired by the journey coffee goes through.
And will look at a latte in admiration in future; knowing the hard work and love that has gone into every sip.

On the bean city!

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