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How can you Win Gold with no Coffee???

coffee olympics

It is safe to say that so far team GB have put in a very impressive display at the Rio Olympic games. However what makes these achievements even more spectacular is the fact that they have done all this without having any coffee in the Olympic village. For most of us the prospect of facing the day without our favourite coffee is somewhat daunting and for me almost unbearable. Now imagine that you are facing possibly the biggest day of your career. What makes this even more cruel is the fact that Brazil is actually the largest coffee producer in the world and produces some truly amazing coffees.

The reason behind the lack of coffee within the Olympic village is apparently due to the corporate sponsorship deal with coca cola who are placing their own products in the village rather than coffee. What is even more confusing is that coca cola do actually own their own coffee, Gold Peak Coffee.

So what about the poor athletes? Well there are plenty of coffee shops close to the Olympic village, However some teams like the Australians have gone one step further. They have come truly prepared and brought their own coffee, grinder and la mazzoco espresso machine to make sure they are able to get their perfect caffeine fix.

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