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Depending on the kind of grinder you are using, you will have different options when setting the weight of the coffee dose. This will either be through manually adjusting the depth of the coffee chambers on a doser grinder, or through digitally adjusting the grinder time on an on-demand grinder.

Dose (Amount of Dry Coffee)

Any adjustments made to the coffee grind particle size may change the weight of the dose. As a result, get the correct dose using the manual dosing button. Once you are happy with the grind size program the grinder to dose the fixed amount every time.

Yield (Amount of Espresso in the Cup)

Any adjustments made to the coffee grind size will vary the amount of espresso extracted by a pre-programed machine. This is because different size grinds will affect the flowrate of the water, through the coffee. It is best to dial in your machine on the free pour mode/ button and then program once the desired recipe has been achieved.

Extraction Time

  • Start by grinding the required dry coffee dose into the coffee basket using a set of scales. If possible, use scales that measure to one tenth of a gram to increase accuracy. Use a spoon to add/ remove any coffee.
  • Prepare/ Tamp coffee ready for extraction.
  • Pour the espresso to the required amount in grams (yield) and make a note of the extraction time.
  • If the coffee is extracting quicker than the desired time period in the recipe, then the grind will need to be made finer. If the coffee is extracting slower than the desired time period in the recipe, then the grind will need to be made courser.
  • In order to adjust a grind to make it courser or finer you must adjust the grinder settings. To do this you will have to adjust the adjustment disc that can be found at the bottom of the coffee hopper. The disc should be labelled which way to turn it in order to make it finer or courser. If not, generally turning it clockwise makes it courser and anti-clockwise makes it finer.
  • When making adjustments just make little adjustments each time. Quite a small adjustment can make a large difference to grind size and extraction time.
  • After making any adjustments it is necessary to waste at least one dose of coffee. This will empty the grinder’s throat of any ground coffee from the previous adjustment. If using a doser grinder, make sure all dosing chambers are empty of coffee.
  • Repeat these steps until the grinder setting produces the required extraction time. Once this has been achieved, proceed to program the grinder’s dose and weight using a good set of scales.
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