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The Chemex coffee maker was designed in 1941 by a German named Peter Schlumbohm, and It is still a very popular way of brewing coffee today. The cup that a chemex produces is very similar to that or a drip / pour over brew. However, there is slightly more margin for error when brewing with a Chemex.

You will need

  • Good quality coffee beans
  • Grinder
  • Kettle
  • Scales
  • Chemex
  • Chemex Filter
  • Stopwatch/ Timer

Brew Ratio

I would recommend starting with a 1: 17 coffee to water ratio. This means for every 1g of coffee you use you need to add 17g’s of water.

Brewing Stages

  1. Make sure all equipment is clean and work out the correct amount of coffee using the brew ratio.
  2. Start heating your water. Heat about 300ml more than you will need so you can rinse the filter and heat the chemex.
  3. While the water is heating grind your coffee. The grind should be slightly coarser than filter and resemble kosher salt.
  4. Unfold your paper filter and insert it into the chemex.
  5. Fully rinse your filter with the extra water you heated. Leave the water in the chemex for 1 minute to get up to temperature and then discard.
  6. Add your ground coffee and make sure it is level.
  7. Start pouring a small amount of water to wet all the coffee grounds. You want to pour about twice as much water as there is coffee in the chemex.
  8. Wait for another 30-45 seconds and then slowly add the rest of the water. The total brew process should take about 4 minutes.
  9. Remove and discard the filter and coffee.
  10. Pour and enjoy your coffee.
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