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All about Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee!

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew has been growing in popularity, with more and more access to it even in your local shop in the chilled section in grab and go cans. The reason it’s become so popular is no doubt down to its incredible appeal to a generation of coffee drinkers who want something more than just a new variation on their hot, milk-based coffees.

Cold brew is cold steeped coffee, simply put; coffee steeped in cold water. It’s left to brew for 24 hours before being filtered to separate the coffee grounds and leave only the brewed coffee which is then chilled, often poured over ice as a finisher before being served up.

Nitro coffee - Super smooth and satisfying

Nitro coffee is the newest big bad boy on the street to capture the hearts of coffee lovers, at its core the simple process of cold brew coffee. It’s been stepped up to the next level in it’s cold state by adding nitrogen! The coffee pours just like a classic Guinness and it’s awesome to watch. The nitrogen makes the coffee taste super smooth and performs the classic waterfall effect in the glass. It’s becoming more popular and is super useful in bars for espresso martinis, so you are not waiting on a shot of espresso or having to hope the espresso cools down enough for your drink to be served cold.

The Origins of Nitro Coffee

It’s said that nitro coffee may have originated in Austin Texas with sources saying it’s been served up since around 2011. Although now it’s popularity has certainly boomed, from being the niche secret coffee order to mainstream and well received by even the average coffee drinker.

Arrange a Nitro Coffee Demonstration

To serve up nitro coffee we’ve got access to some awesome machines which dispense the coffee with ease, alongside that perfect chilled cup and foam effect you all love. If you’d like to come and explore the machines for your business and are looking to join the cold coffee revolution, then get in touch for a live demonstration!

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