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Cleaning Your Espresso Machine


Today we talk about cleaning our espresso machines…

Not a fun topic I know, however, this is something that is so important and often overlooked.
Not only does a clean machine mean great tasting coffee, but it also improves the look of the counter space too making a café more inviting.

There are some very simple steps we can take, by doing this each time a drink is made it can reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning at the end of the day.

After every drink:

  • Wipe the steam arm every time after you steam milk- reduces the risk of cross-contamination, keeps the machine looking clean and reduces any bad tastes of burnt milk going into your drink.
  • Purge steam arm- Removes a build-up of milk in the steam arm.
  • Knock out puck- Keeps portafilters clean.
  • Wipe basket- removes any coffee from the previous espresso. This reduces any contamination of flavours.
  • Rinse shower plate- keeps water flowing evenly.
  • Leave portafilter locked in- Means there is no difference in temperature when water goes through the coffee.
  • Wash out milk jug when there is a break in service

The following should be completed at the end of the day.

Once a day task:

  • Clean shower head with brush
  • Backflush machine with powder
  • Wipe down machine
  • Soak/clean portafilters
  • Wash out knock outbox as there can be a mould build up if left.

All this cleaning helps to maintain your espresso machine.

The more care we take every day to keep it clean and shiny the longer it will last for us and keep on producing delicious coffee.

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