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New Christmas Blend

New Christmas Blend


Here at Green Farm Coffee, we are delighted to reveal our brand new Christmas coffee blend for 2016.

This unique blend has been a labour of love which is designed to remind us of all of the magic of the festive season. From candles to Christmas dinner. Even those knitted jumpers from your Nan.

Our blend begins its humble story with a base of the finest Indonesian Sulawesi coffee. Which uses the exclusive Giling Basah processing technique.
In the cup, this coffee gives us a friendly hit of spice with subtle hints of nut.

To ensure we maintain a balanced coffee we add Guatemalan Carrizal and Columbian Excelso. By doing this we forge a beautifully balanced sweetness that has added chocolate notes. Whilst still maintaining the original spice and nut flavours which are perfect for the holiday season.

This blend tastes great with all brewing techniques but really shines in espresso based drinks.

If you are looking for something special with a hint of magic this Christmas for the coffee lover in your life, this may just hit the festive spot.

100% Arabica, No Robusta

Roast: Medium, before second crack, (City Roast).
Flavour Notes: Spicy, nutty, with a smooth chocolaty finish.
Make up: 1/3 Rain Forest Alliance Columbian Excelso, 1/3 Guatemalan Carrizal and 1/3 Indonesian Sulawesi.


Region: Huila
Process: Washed/ Sun Dried
Screen Size: 15/ 16 (largest size beans).
Certification: Rain forest alliance
Altitude: 1520- 1650m (4985- 5410ft)
Harvested: October- February


Region: Tana Toraja, Sulawesi
Process: Giling Basah, (Semi Washed/ Wet Hulled)
Altitude: 1,100- 1800m (3,600-5900ft)
Harvest: May- November


Region: Nuevo Oriente
Process: Washed/ Sun Dried
Altitude: 1100 – 1300 m (3600- 4265ft)
Harvest: December- March.

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