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Are coffee grounds good for plants?

The use of fresh coffee grounds is thought to suppress weeds.
Sprinkle coffee grounds onto acid-loving plants as fresh grounds are very acidic.
It can deter some pests if dry coffee grounds are spread around the top of plants.

Are grounds good for roses?

Roses apparently are very fond of acidic soil, so coffee grounds can improve the acidity levels of your soil, too much could do more harm than good though.

Are coffee cups recyclable?

SOME! We currently stock a 100% plastic-free cup which is fully recyclable in the normal waste bins! Easy.
Our standard green farm coffee cups are only recyclable through a certain scheme which we deal with here where we send our cups back to a specific plant which CAN recycle them. Your normal recycling plant cannot tend to recycle your average coffee cup. So get recycle smart in 2020!

Are coffee pods universal?

Absolutely not, different machines use different sorts of pods and although there may be instances where 3rd party pods are made to fit machines it doesn’t mean every pod will fit yours.

Are coffee beans edible?

YES! You can totally eat coffee beans if you really wanted too! We recommend the chocolate covered ones ourselves!
You shouldn’t try to eat green coffee beans, they are super hard when not roasted and also just not very nice to eat, very earthy and dirt flavoured.
However, you totally can eat roasted coffee beans, while still very crunchy and hard so watch your teeth, they are totally edible!

Are coffee syrups vegan?

We stock a range of Maison Routin 1883 Syrups which are mostly vegan but always best to check each individual flavours bottle to be 100% certain.

Are coffee shops profitable?

Yes absolutely coffee shops in the UK can and often are profitable. The same as any business it depends on how it’s run!
Considering staff, overheads of location, costs of machines, ingredients etc can come into play and things like footfall and pricing and much much more.
Many successful coffee shops and coffee vans in the right places make brilliant profits and do very well.

Are coffee grounds acidic?

Yes! Most coffee varieties are acidic, with an average pH value of 4.85 to 5.10 ( 2 )

Are coffee filters compostable?

Yes, as long as they are in the right conditions normal paper filters will breakdown in your compost bin over time.

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