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Torino Espresso Blend

From £5.95

Intensely bold and aromatic, an all-in, full-bodied, punchy blend with smoky overtones and a pleasant bite. For a great coffee buzz.

OriginBrazil, Costa Rica, India
Flavour ProfileDark Chocolate, Sweet Tobacco, Nutty, Caramel

Product Overview

The Torino espresso blend consists of: Brazilian Santos, Costa Rican and Indian Cherry.

Brazilian Santos
Region: Santos (south Brazil), Sul de Minas
Process: Dry/ Natural Processed
Screen Size: 17/ 18 (largest size beans).
Certification: Rain forest alliance
Altitude: 700- 1350m (2,300- 4,400ft)
Harvested: May- September

Costa Rican
Region: West Vally, Naranjo
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1500m (4920 ft)
Harvest: November- March

Indian Cherry
Region: Coffee is sourced from a number of plantations, predominately from the Kodagu region in Karnataka State, and Wayanad region in Kerela.
Process: Natural
Screen size/grade: Screen size > 15
Altitude: 500-1,000m above sea level
Harvest: November-February

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