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Milano Blend

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Deliciously distinctive. A well-balanced combination of Latin and African coffees, producing rich flavours with bittersweet chocolate overtones.

OriginColombia, Ethiopia, India
RoastSmooth & Mild, Strong & Dark
Flavour ProfileChocolate & Caramel, Citrus & Floral, Fruit & Berry
Pack Size227g

Product Overview

The Milano Espresso blend consists of: Colombian Excelso, Indian Cherry and Ethiopian Djimma.

Colombian, Excelso
Region: Caldas-Manizales.
Process: Wet/ Washed
Altitude: 1,200- 2000m (3940-6600ft)
Harvest: September- December

Indian Cherry
Region: Coffee is sourced from a number of plantations, predominately from the Kodagu region in Karnataka State, and Wayanad region in Kerela.
Process: Natural
Screen size/grade: Screen size > 15
Altitude: 500-1,000m above sea level
Harvest: November-February

Ethiopian Djimma (Mocha)
Region: Jima (Djimma), South west Ethiopia.
Process: Dry (Oct-March), Wet (Aug-December)
Altitude: 1,400- 2000m (4,600-6600ft)
Harvest: November- January

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