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Milano Blend

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Deliciously distinctive. A well-balanced combination of Latin and African coffees, producing rich flavours with bittersweet chocolate overtones.

OriginColombia, Ethiopia, India
RoastMedium, Dark
Flavour ProfileBrown Sugar, Hazelnut, Sweet, Chocolatey

Product Overview

The Milano Espresso blend consists of: Colombian Excelso, Indian Cherry and Ethiopian Djimma.

Colombian, Excelso
Region: Caldas-Manizales.
Process: Wet/ Washed
Altitude: 1,200- 2000m (3940-6600ft)
Harvest: September- December

Indian Cherry
Region: Coffee is sourced from a number of plantations, predominately from the Kodagu region in Karnataka State, and Wayanad region in Kerela.
Process: Natural
Screen size/grade: Screen size > 15
Altitude: 500-1,000m above sea level
Harvest: November-February

Ethiopian Djimma (Mocha)
Region: Jima (Djimma), South west Ethiopia.
Process: Dry (Oct-March), Wet (Aug-December)
Altitude: 1,400- 2000m (4,600-6600ft)
Harvest: November- January

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