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Cafe Dolce

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Cafe Dolce is a sophisticated blend of 100% Rainforest Alliance Latin American coffees. Roasted to a medium roast, between 1st and second crack it has a greater number of aromatics and a medium body resulting in a well-rounded smoothness that ends with a clean finish. Cafe dolce has lighter flavour notes and is not as bitter as other darker roasted coffees. Well-balanced sweet coffee with increased citrus style acidity.

OriginsSouth & Central America
BodyMedium, Smooth
FlavoursBerries, Milk Chocolate, Smooth, Balanced
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Product Overview

The Cafe Dolce Espresso blend consists of: Brazilian Santos and Colombian Excelso.

Brazilian Santos
Region: Santos (south Brazil), Sul de Minas
Process: Dry/ Natural Processed
Screen Size: 17/ 18 (largest size beans).
Certification: Rain forest alliance
Altitude: 700- 1350m (2,300- 4,400ft)
Harvested: May- September

Colombian, Excelso
Region: Caldas-Manizales.
Process: Wet/ Washed
Altitude: 1,200- 2000m (3940-6600ft)
Harvest: September- December
Certification: Rain forest alliance

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