Green Farm Coffee is roasted using top grade Rainforest Alliance certified green beans.

We are a coffee producer and distributor with a difference. We source, develop blends, roast and package all our own coffees in-house under the name of Green Farm Coffee. From the green bean to the finished cup. This ensures we can guarantee freshness and quality you just won’t find elsewhere.

Lovingly roasted

Master Coffee RoasterEach small batch is lovingly roasted under the watchful eye of our master roaster who has many years experience in perfecting exceptional coffee blends and single origin roasts.

By keeping batches small, we keep quality high. After roasting the beans are cooled and packed.

By roasting in small batches, the time taken for the beans to cool, to being sealed in packs is reduced. This ensures the aromas and flavours are sealed in quickly and not lost.

We are extremely proud of our freshly roasted artisan coffees and we are sure you will be absolutely delighted with their taste, aroma and freshness.


Our Blends

All our beans are suitable for bean to cup vending machines and espresso systems. Our roasted coffee beans and ready ground coffees are available in 227g and 1kg packs.


Classic Italian espresso blend, smooth Latin American coffees complimented by a Robusta kick producing intense aromas and a caramel crema.


Intensely bold and aromatic, an all-in, full-bodied, punchy blend with smoky overtones and a pleasant bite. For a great coffee buzz.


Deliciously distinctive. A well-balanced combination of Latin and African coffees, producing rich flavours with bittersweet chocolate overtones.

Café Dolce

A sophisticated blend of 100% Rainforest Alliance Latin American coffees, tempered with a well-rounded smoothness that ends with a clean finish.

High Mountain

The original satisfyingly straightforward blend of Latin American coffees, its balanced smooth flavours make it enjoyable at any time of the day.


Bright and bold in flavour, blonde roasted to enhance its complex sweet tones. Sure to hit the spot first thing in the morning.


A medium roasted coffee, smooth and mild with a lovely nutty taste. Just as good as our regular coffee but caffeine free.

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