Green Farm supply a wide variety of supporting ancillary items vital to the smooth running of a coffee shop, restaurant or other coffee related business.

We realise that you need a lot more than a decent coffee machine and tasty beans. With decades of experience in helping small businesses improve their coffee offering we can provide the additional items and support you need to make it a success.

Ancillary Items

Supporting Products

Ancillary items we provide include frothing jugs, knock out draws, coffee flavourings, sugar sticks, coffee cups and crockery, clothing, biscuits, milk, creamer, point-of-sale materials and other many other items essential to success.

We realise that not everyone drinks coffee so a range of quality teas and alternative beverages is essential. We stock a superb range of quality Twining’s speciality teas and herbal infusions as well as unbranded and branded hot chocolate mixes.