Green Farm Coffee is a part of NVCS Ltd, one of the most successful coffee and vending companies in Norfolk, Sufolk and East Anglia.

Short History

The Green Farm Coffee Company was formed following the purchase of Norfolk Tea & Coffee by NVCS Ltd. Norfolk Tea & Coffee was a highly respected local company that had been trading for some fifteen years, with a reputation for top quality and exceptional value.

Roasting Coffee Beans

Roasting Coffee Beans

Now with greater resources available, The Green Farm Coffee Company has gone from strength to strength and now with demand out-stripping our current production capability, a decision was made to leave the existing site and move to new purpose built premises at our head office. This coupled with further investment in new state of the art roasting, grinding and loading equipment, means we can now produce more great quality coffee for customers, both new and old, in the Suffolk, Norfolk and East Anglia Region.

Great artisan coffee and more

Green Farm Coffee is still roasted and blended to the original blends that gave Norfolk Tea & Coffee its great reputation for quality, coupled with a new range of coffees that have been developed to suit today’s coffee shop culture and tastes.

Green Farm coffee is roasted using top grade Rainforest Alliance certified green beans. Each small batch is lovingly roasted under the watchful eye of our master roaster who has many years experience in perfecting exceptional coffee blends and single origin roasts.

Flexibility is a key strength of Green Farm Coffee – maybe you have a certain requirement or desire to brand your own coffee, then we can help! From arranging a tasting session to try your desired blend, assisting in the label design, to helping you decide on the best pack size for your business and producing bespoke point-of-sale materials.